A Haunted Turkish Bathhouse (1975) Limited Edition, SEALED

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A Haunted Turkish Bathhouse stars Nikkatsu starlet Naomi Tani as an abused wife sold to a brothel to cover her husband's debts.  The deceitful husband is actually behind it all, in cahoots with the brothel owner who is his lover.  Tani discovers the truth and gets whipped to death.  However, the dead woman's soul won't overlook the injustice and seeks vengeance.

The film is a bizarre mixture of Japanese erotica, gangster film and "ghost cat" horror movie.  All popular genres in 1960s and 70s Japan.  It's a heady cocktail and makes for an wild and unpredictable film that rocks along at a giddy pace.  Director Yamaguchi is best known for his Delinquent Girl Boss and Sister Street Fighter movies as well as the Sonny Chiba film Wolf Guy.

This is the film's first US release and a world premier on Blu-ray.


Catalog #: MD0261

Released: 2022

Length: 82 min

Rating: NR

    Blu-ray - Sealed (includes replacement disc as supposedly some people had people getting the original disc to play.)

    Cover - Mint