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We're in the process of an inventory re-organization of our Budget Vinyl titles, we will resume selling these sometime in 2018.

All vinyl records offered here focus on Rock N' Roll, ranging from Classic Rock to Hard Rock. 

Check back often as we will be adding new titles frequently!
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Current Titles:

  1. .38 Special ‎– Wild-Eyed Southern Boys (1980) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG+
  2. .38 Special ‎– Special Forces (1982) Vinyl: EX, Cover: EX
  3. .38 Special ‎– Special Forces (1982) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: EX
  4. AC/DC ‎– Back In Black (1980) Vinyl: VG/VG+, Cover: VG
  5. Alice Cooper ‎– Killer (1971) Vinyl: VG/VG+, Cover: G+/VG
  6. Alice Cooper ‎– Welcome To My Nightmare (1975) Vinyl: G+/VG, Cover: VG+
  7. Angel ‎– Angel (1975) Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG
  8. Angel ‎– Helluva Band (1976) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG
  9. Angel ‎– White Hot (1977) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG
  10. April Wine ‎– The Nature Of The Beast (1981) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG
  11. The Association ‎– And Then...Along Comes The Association (1966) MONO Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG/VG+
  12. Bachman-Turner Overdrive ‎– Four Wheel Drive (1975) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG+
  13. Bad Company ‎– Desolation Angels (1979) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG+/EX
  14. The Beach Boys ‎– The Beach Boys: 1962-1967 (1986) 2xLP Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  15. Be-Bop Deluxe ‎– Sunburst Finish (1976) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG (rw, hole punch, seam wear)
  16. Billy Squier ‎– Emotions In Motion (1982) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  17. Blue Öyster Cult ‎– Some Enchanted Evening (1978) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG
  18. Bread ‎– The Best Of Bread Volume Two (1974) Vinyl: EX/NM, Cover: VG+
  19. Charlie ‎– No Second Chance (1977) Vinyl: EX/NM, Cover: NM
  20. Charlie ‎– Lines (1978) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  21. Charlie ‎– Good Morning America (1981) Vinyl: EX/NM, Cover: NM
  22. Chicago – Chicago X (1976) Vinyl: VG+/EX, Cover: EX
  23. Chicago ‎– Chicago XI (1977) Vinyl: NM, Cover: EX/NM
  24. Chicago ‎– Chicago 16 (1982) Vinyl: EX/NM, Cover: EX
  25. Chicago – Chicago 17 (1984) Vinyl: NM, Cover: EX
  26. Chicago – Chicago 18 (1986) Vinyl: NM, Cover: NM
  27. City Boy ‎– Dinner At The Ritz (1977) Vinyl: NM, Cover: EX
  28. Cymarron ‎– Rings (1971) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG+
  29. The Dave Clark 5 ‎– Weekend In London (1965) MONO Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG+
  30. David Lee Roth ‎– Crazy From The Heat (1985) EP Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  31. Dennis Yost & Classics IV ‎– Golden Greats Volume 1 (1969) Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG+/EX
  32. Electric Light Orchestra ‎– A New World Record (1976) Vinyl: VG/VG+, Cover: VG
  33. Elvis Presley ‎– Elvis For Everyone! (1977) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  34. Eric Burdon & The Animals ‎– The Twain Shall Meet (1968) Vinyl: VG/VG+, Cover: VG+
  35. Eric Clapton ‎– Behind The Sun (1985) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG (water damage)
  36. The Firm ‎– The Firm (1985) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  37. Forever More ‎– Yours Forever More (1970) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG/VG+
  38. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons ‎– The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1962-1967 (1987) 2xLP Vinyl: NM, Cover: EX
  39. Freida Parton ‎– Two-Faced (1984) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  40. Gene Loves Jezebel ‎– Immigrant (1985) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG/VG+ (staining on bottom on fc/bc)
  41. Gene Loves Jezebel ‎– Immigrant (1985) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+/EX
  42. Gene Loves Jezebel ‎– The House Of Dolls (1987) Vinyl: NM, Cover: NM
  43. Genesis ‎– A Trick Of The Tail (1976) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG (corner cut, rw)
  44. Georgia Satellites ‎– Georgia Satellites (1986) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  45. Grace Slick ‎– Dreams (1980) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG+
  46. Grace Slick ‎– Welcome To The Wrecking Ball! (1981) Vinyl: EX, Cover: EX
  47. Greg Lake ‎– Greg Lake (1981) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  48. Harold Bradley ‎– Misty Guitar (1963) STEREO Vinyl: VG/VG+, Cover: VG+
  49. Ian Hunter ‎– All American Alien Boy (1976) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  50. Iron Butterfly ‎– In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968) Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG
  51. Kenny Loggins ‎– Alive (1980) 2xLP Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG/VG+
  52. Jan & Dean ‎– Jan & Dean's Golden Hits (1962) Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG
  53. Jethro Tull ‎– War Child (1974) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG
  54. Johnny Rivers ‎– In Action! (1965) MONO Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG+
  55. Johnny Rivers ‎– The Very Best Of Johnny Rivers (1975) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG/VG+
  56. Johnny Winter ‎– Still Alive And Well (1973) Vinyl: VG/VG+, Cover: VG/VG+
  57. Journey ‎– Captured (1981) 2xLP Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG+
  58. Journey ‎– Raised On Radio (1986) Vinyl: EX, Cover: NM
  59. Lisa Hartman ‎– Hold On (1979) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  60. Loverboy ‎– Loverboy (1980) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG+
  61. Lynyrd Skynyrd ‎– Nuthin' Fancy (1976) Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG
  62. Mason Williams ‎– The Mason Williams Ear Show (1968) Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG+
  63. Nazareth ‎– Expect No Mercy (1977) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG+
  64. New Regime ‎– New Regime (1985) SEALED
  65. Night Ranger ‎– Dawn Patrol (1982) Vinyl: EX/NM, Cover: VG+
  66. Night Ranger ‎– Midnight Madness (1983) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG+
  67. Night Ranger ‎– 7 Wishes (1985) Vinyl: EX, Cover: EX
  68. Night Ranger ‎– Big Life (1987) Vinyl: EX, Cover: EX
  69. Peter Frampton ‎– Breaking All The Rules (1981) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG+
  70. Procol Harum ‎– Home (1970) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG/VG+
  71. REO Speedwagon ‎– R.E.O./T.W.O. (1972) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG
  72. REO Speedwagon ‎– Nine Lives (1979) Vinyl: EX, Cover: EX
  73. REO Speedwagon ‎– Nine Lives (1979) Vinyl: NM, Cover: EX
  74. REO Speedwagon ‎– Good Trouble (1982) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  75. Rhinoceros ‎– Better Times Are Coming (1970) Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG
  76. Ricky Nelson ‎– The Ricky Nelson Singles Album (1979) UK Pressing Vinyl: NM, Cover: EX
  77. Scorpions ‎– Blackout (1982) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG/VG+
  78. Sniff 'n' the Tears ‎– Fickle Heart (1978) Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+/EX
  79. Steppenwolf ‎– For Ladies Only (1971) Vinyl: VG+/EX, Cover: VG
  80. Styx ‎– The Grand Illusion (1977) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG+
  81. Styx ‎– Cornerstone (1979) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG/VG+
  82. Styx ‎– Paradise Theatre (1981) Vinyl: EX, Cover: VG+
  83. The Style Council ‎– My Ever Changing Moods (1984) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG
  84. Ted Nugent ‎– Cat Scratch Fever (1977) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG+
  85. Three Dog Night ‎– Naturally (1970) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG+
  86. Three Dog Night ‎– Hard Labor (1974) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: EX
  87. Triumph ‎– Thunder Seven (1984) Vinyl: VG/VG+ , Cover: VG+
  88. The Tubes ‎– What Do You Want From Live (1978) Vinyl: NM, Cover: EX
  89. UK ‎– Danger Money (1979) Vinyl: VG+/EX, Cover: VG/VG+
  90. Various ‎– The Beat (1982) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG+
  91. Various ‎– Exposed: A Cheap Peek At Today's Provocative New Rock (1981) 2xLP Vinyl: NM, Cover: VG+
  92. Various ‎– Solid Gold Rock 'N' Roll Volume 1 (1972) Vinyl: VG+, Cover: EX
  93. Yes ‎– Close To The Edge (1972) Vinyl: VG, Cover: VG+
  94. Zebra ‎– Zebra (1983) Vinyl: NM, Cover: EX

This item is part of our Budget Vinyl Collection. Our Budget Vinyl differs from our other vinyl in the following ways:

Most of the pictures are stock photos and DO NOT reflect the actual condition of the item for sale. Refer to the grading for actual item condition.

The records are visually graded. Condition descriptions may be limited to standard grades, please familiarize yourself with the grading scale located on the grading tab.

These records are not cleaned, but we do offer our deluxe cleaning service for a small per record fee, more details can be found on our Ultra Sonic Cleaning page.

These records will not ship with new inner and outer sleeves (unless you choose our Ultra Sonic Cleaning add-on at checkout). 

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See our Budget Vinyl Collection & Budget 7" Singles page for our current and growing inventory.

Please note our "Budget Vinyl" is not cleaned, not play graded, and the pictures of the front covers are stock photos and do not reflect the actual condition, and may slightly differ.

Thus we are being very conservative when grading these, usually grading lower than they actually are. Occassionally we will note some glaring issues, but cannot write full descriptions on everything or every record so please refer to the grading scale below. If you are overly concerned about visual condition stick with EX and above and you should be happy. Occasionally we'll use a grade range (ie: VG / VG+) for either vinyl or cover if condition is borderline and hard to stick in one category.

NOTE: We do not grade or mention the condition of original printed inner sleeves (if the record has them).


Vinyl - only given to sealed records, or records we personally acquired new, opened them but never played. Of course since the record is sealed we cannot guarantee there are no pressing flaws or minor warping, and since all the sealed records we sell are out of print, we cannot except returns or exchanges on sealed records that have been opened.

Cover - is still sealed.

Near Mint (NM):

Vinyl - a unsealed record that looks nearly flawless.

Cover - may have light typical storage wear.

Excellent (EX):

Vinyl - may have one or two light scuff marks but should play just as well as a NM record.

Cover - has some very minor cosmetic issue, like a light crease, light ring wear, nothing that is very noticeable.

Very Good Plus (VG+):

Vinyl - will look played, may have some scuffs and light surface marks / scratches.  May have light surface noise such as pops, clicks and crackles but it should be occasional and not consistent and not overwhelming. May have light warping but it should not affect the play.

Cover - will have noticeable wear such as ring wear, minor seam splitting, writing on cover, creases, etc.  Could be a couple items (not all) and they should not be major.

Very Good (VG):

Vinyl - will look VERY played, have lot of marks, scuffs, scratches (possibly deep), play with noticeable maybe even consistent background noise but is still listenable.  May have warping but it should not affect play.

Cover - will have a couple cosmetic issues ring wear, seam splitting, writing on cover, creases, etc and it will be very pronounce.

Good (G):

Vinyl - will play but will have a lot of issues and have a lot of loud background noise.  We will rarely list a record in this condition.

Cover - cover is damaged to a point where it is not usable to house a record. All the seams are split, the panels are moldy, major writing all over, etc.  The only time we'll list a record with a cover in this shape is if it's rare or the record is in great shape.

Orders ship within two business days.

Rest assured, unlike MANY sellers and even large companies, we know how to ship vinyl (and LaserDiscs) correctly! We used high quality mailers, two cardboard stiffners and if the album you are buying is used it is shipped outside the cover to prevent damage to the seams in transit. When it comes to shipping LaserDiscs we don't always ship outside the cover as in transit seam wear is not as common. If you want your discs shipped outside the cover feel free to note that at checkout in the message box.

Multiple discs = multiple records. Four 7" 45's = 1 LP

Domestic Shipping (USA):

Media Mail: $5 flat rate no matter how many records (LaserDiscs) you buy!
Priority Mail: rates vary based on the total weight of your order, and will calculate at checkout unless your order contains more than 6 records (LaserDiscs).

International Shipping:

For international customers we have the following countries and rates setup. If you don't see your country or would like a quote on another method of shipping please contact us for a shipping quote. Multiple record sets count as multiple records.  Any order over 5 records will require you to contact us for a shipping quote. Rates include Insurance.

Customs Fees & Taxes:

Note the buyer is responsible for any additional customs fees or taxes that may be incurred. For customs purposes we only value packages at the purchase amount, we will NOT value them lower. All international orders are insured to protect against damage or loss and we must declare the same value for customs. We also WILL NOT mark items as gifts, this is against the law and punishable to both the buyer and seller. Know your countries laws, and duties / taxes amounts if you're not willing to pay them do not place an order. We will charge a restocking fee, in addition to any other costs charged to us if your order is returned due to refusal to pay any fees required by your country.


First Class International: (1-2 Records $24.00) (3 Records $35.00) (4 Records $52.00)

Priority International: (1-2 Records $48.00) (3 Records $61.00) (4 Records $65.00)


First Class International: (1-2 Records $16.00) (3-4 Records $25.00)

Priority International: (1-2 Records $30.00) (3-5 Records $35.00)

Austria / Belgium / France / Germany / Ireland / Netherlands / UK

First Class International: (1 Record $18.00) (2 Records $26.00) (3 Records $36.00)

Priority International: (1-2 Records $48.00) (3-4 Records $52.00)


First Class International: (1-4 7" Singles $15.00) (1-2 Records $25.00)

Priority International: (1-2 Records $50.00)


Priority International: (1-2 Records $48.00) (3-4 Records $52.00)


First Class International: (1-2 7" Singles $16.00) (1-2 Records $25.00) (3 Records $35.00)

Priority International: (1-2 Records $48.00) (3-4 Records $55.00)

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