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Playboy's Sex Court (2000) VHS

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$ 19.99

What do you get when you put arrestingly beautiful defendants and passionate plaintiffs into an already steamy courtroom?  You get juicy judgments acted out in front of a jealous jury!  In this hit Playboy TV series, a tall, dark and sexy Julie Strain presides over a court docket brimming with erotic crimes and misdemeanors.  When couples air their sexual grievances in front of Judge Julie, they must suffer whatever sentences she sees fit to render.  No appeals - Julie's word is law.  Savor what happens when the verdict is guilty, and check out the justice Julie serves up.  In her court, the only crime is unsatisfying sex, and the only sentence is ecstasy, with a pound of provocative punishment thrown in for flavor.  Justice has never been so sexy!  Features Julie Strain and adult star Alexandra Silk.


Format: VHS 

Catalog #: PBV 0859

Length: 52 min 

Rating: UR (contains nudity.)

Region Format: NTSC

VHS Tape - NM

Sleeve - EX (minor corner wear.)

VHS Grading

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