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LaserDisc was the bridge between the analog universe of VHS Tapes and the digital realm of DVD.  It was the first commercially available optical disc format that was widely available in the United States in 1978 with the release of Jaws and the final release in 2000 with the film Bringing Out The Dead.  While it is the forerunner to the DVD, and has similar physical characteristics, the LaserDisc is actually a analog media format, and unlike DVD is not compressed.  While it's a technically outdated format it is slowly regaining popularity as the interest in analog formats, such as vinyl, grow.  Also there are still many instances where certain films or concerts have been released on LaserDisc and have never been upgraded to any other format or the uncompressed audio of some LaserDiscs are actually superior to their DVD or even Blu-ray counterparts.  

This is only a small selection of LaserDiscs we have available, we are frequently adding to it and you are more than welcome to contact us to see if we have anything you are looking for that we have not yet listed.  Details regarding grading and shipping are all contained within the product listing.  All Playboy titles have been moved to our Playboy Collection.  LaserDisc's under $10 can be found in our LaserDisc Budget Collection.

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