Vinyl Records - Albums & 12" Singles

Browse our ever growing collection of full length albums (LP's) and EP's on vinyl, spanning all major genres, including but not limited to Country, Classical, Funk / Soul, Jazz, Pop, Rock & Soundtracks.  This is a very small selection of vinyl records we have out of a growing number of over 10,000!  So check back frequently or drop us an email and let us know what album or artists you are looking for.

For all vinyl under $10 check out our Budget Vinyl section!

Use the BROWSE drop down menu to filter by genre and some popular sub-genres. 

Information regarding Shipping and Grading is contained in the product listings via labeled tabs. 

Special Notes:

  • The date within the ( ) of each title is the pressing date of the record, later year pressings or re-issues will be noted in the description if you are not familiar with pressing dates, otherwise all items are first year pressings

  • Videos / Track previews on listings are not recorded off the actual records for sale, they are to give you an idea of the type of music on the album and not audio representations of the album for sale.

  • All unsealed records over $10 are put through a 10 minute deep Ultra Sonic Cleaning, which will provide you with super clean records, allow you to play your record right when you get it and not have to worry about dirt and grunge in the grooves damaging your needle!