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This is a "catch all" collection of items that do not fit into any main collection of items we typically sell.  For those "inquisitive minds" who believe they deserve an explanation as to why we are selling a pair of pants or shoes on a vinyl record website, the answer is why not?  It's our website.  Why give some multi-million dollar marketplace 10 - 20% commission when we can list it on our own site and not deal with that and benefit ourselves from the additional search traffic, as many of these items are just as rare and sought after!  So there's your answer.  If we want to start making macaroni sculptures we'll probably list them here (fusilli Jerry anyone?), but you aren't obliged to purchase them!

Also most of these items are only setup to ship within the United States, because they range drastically in size and weight from our main inventory and we don't have time to setup various shipping rates for other countries for items we will never sell again.  So basically consider these only available for US shipping locations.