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Contact Us

Voluptuous Vinyl is an online only record store the best way to contact us is below.

If you have any questions regarding order issues, shipping, or something on the website isn't working correctly, drop us a line below.  You will get a response back within 24 hrs.

NOTE: Messages we aren't likely to respond to:

  • Solicitations for website or blog services.
  • Asking if we will sell something from our private (vault) collection, sign up for the email notification on the product page for that item if you're interested, that's why it's there.
  • Asking us what is the lowest we'll take for something.  If you want to make an offer give us a dollar amount. Lowball offers won't be responded to.  If the offer is something we can work with or within a range we can negotiate we'll respond.
  • Asking if an item is actually for sale or In Stock.  If there is an "Add To Cart" button on the product page, it's In Stock and it's for sale.  If the button says Sold Out, it's not In Stock.

If you are located in the following countries (Germany, UK, Ireland, Scotland) we are sorry but we no longer ship to you because your government thinks all businesses (no matter the size) should register to either collect your tax or for some other program that's specific to your country and we simply do not have the resources (or desire due to limited sales to your country) to deal with what should be handled by your customs department as it always has been.

Current countries we DO ship to and the rates are located on our shipping page, large international orders (over four single LPs, or box sets, will require you contact us for a customized rate as that exceeds the capacity of our standard mailers.)