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A small collection of vintage films and rare offerings on the classic analog video format VHS.  More info on shipping and grading is located on the product tabs located within any of the VHS listings. 

Note: As seasoned VHS collectors likely know certain tapes can be finicky and not track as well in certain VCR's as they can in others.  We have a two step process for testing our VHS tapes.  First we play them in our standard low budget Sony SLV-N700 machine, if they play without any tracking or sound issues we grade them based on any physical tape issues.  If any issues arise on that machine we then test it in our Samsung SV-5000W (considered a fairly top of the line VCR), 9 times out of 10 those issues will not be present during playback on that machine.  We will note in the listing page if we feel you need to have a better VCR to play a certain tape we have for sale when a tape fails to play perfectly on our low budget model but fine on our higher one.