Q: Are these original pressings?

A: Whatever the year shown in the title is the pressing year.  Most of the vinyl we have for sale are from the original year of its release.  Sometimes we will state it's an original pressing within the product page, sometimes we don't, but we will always indicate if its a reissue if we have knowledge that it is.  Some records we don't know when they were pressed (especially the more obscure private label titles) in this case you will see (?) in place of where we usually have the pressing year in the title.

Q: What is your grading method?

A: Most vinyl records that are not sealed, and priced above $10, are put through a 10 minute Ultra Sonic Cleaning cycle (audiophile preferred method).  Then we view the surface of the record under a bright light, if we feel it necessarily we may play grade certain sections and base our grading off what appears to be the "worst" issue.  See the GRADING tab in any listing for further details.  We strive disclose as much as we can in both images and descriptions.  All Budget Vinyl titles are visually graded only, and usually lower graded as they are not cleaned.

Q: I'm interested in a record you have but it says it's SOLD OUT, will you have another copy available?

A: Because we sell mostly used and out of print titles each listing is unique to that particular title.  That is not to say we don't have another copy in similar or different condition, but we will not show that item as IN STOCK until we've taken new photos, cleaned, graded and updated the listing for the next available copy.  If you're looking for something we show as SOLD OUT there should be a box on any of our Sold Out vinyl listings for you to enter your email address to be automatically notified when that title is back in stock. 

Q: How do you ship your vinyl?

A: We use standard record mailers and two sturdy cardboard stiffeners.  Most records above $10 after being cleaned are placed in new inner sleeves, placed behind the cover, and both cover and vinyl are placed into a clean outer poly sleeve.  They are stored and shipped in this manner to minimize any additional cover wear from storage or shipping.


Q: What is a LaserDisc?

LaserDisc is the video cousin of the vinyl record.  It is an analog video format that pre-dates the DVD.  A 12" double sided disc that came in sleeve covers and gatefolds like vinyl records.  Unlike DVD, LaserDiscs were not compressed so in many occasions the audio quality rivaled that of it's later DVD counterpart, and video quality excelled VHS and sometimes was as good (or even at rare times better) than some DVDs.  

Q: Is there region coding?

Unless noted otherwise on the listing page all LaserDiscs we sell were processed in NTSC.  There were two codings NTSC (North America & Japan) and PAL (Europe).  Therefore your LaserDisc player must be capable of playing NTSC discs.  If you're located in the United States, Canada or Japan it's highly likely the player you have is an NTSC player.


Q: Are the posters for sale original?

A: Yes, we only deal in original vintage film posters, mostly international from the 50's to 80's.  Many of the posters we have obtained from numerous connections around the world who are well respected collectors and dealers.

Q: Can you help me find a poster I'm looking for?

A: Our specialty is Italian film posters.  Many collectors in both vinyl and posters will likely echo the fact that's its hard to find a good seller out of Italy.  But we have many years of experience in buying, collecting and dealing with Italian dealers and know the top dealers who are trustworthy.  Most of the really good stuff we've never found online but only through our connections.  So feel free to email us what you are looking for and we will ask around.  We will require a non-refundable down-payment if we find what you're looking for and you want us to purchase it for you.


Q: Where do you ship from?

A: All orders ship from the West Coast of the United States.  We are online only, no pickup location is available.

Q: How much are shipping costs?

A: All domestic shipping information is located in the SHIPPING tab in every listing.  In terms of Vinyl and LaserDiscs we offer a standard domestic flat rate shipping cost no matter how many you buy.

Q: Do you ship International?

A: Yes.  Information regarding international shipping is also located in the SHIPPING tab of any item.  Some items may require you to contact us for a shipping quote.  Not all international locations are setup, if you cannot checkout you will need to contact us for a shipping quote and we will setup your particular location.

Shipping costs do not include any customs fees or taxes your country may charge, it is your responsibility to know what those are and be prepared to pay them if imposed.  If you are not willing to pay these then save us both the trouble and DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE FROM US.  If a package is returned due to refusal to pay imposed customs fees and taxes an up to 25% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund, in addition to any shipping costs we are forced to pay to get the item back, initial shipping costs are also non-refundable.  All international orders are valued at purchase price for the purpose of insurance.  We will not under value or mark items as "gift" as that is against Federal law.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Within two business days.  You will receive a confirmation email when your order ships along with a tracking number.  Allow at least 24 hrs for the tracking number to start registering.  It normally takes the post office around 24 hours to actually process and scan the package, but unfortunately the post office is not always consistent and may not initially scan the package at all, so it can take days for updates to appear on the tracking.  We've seen packages not get scanned until they reach their destination state, so be patient USPS is far from perfect in this regards.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: It depends on the method of shipping you choose and your location. Domestic media mail shipments could take as long as two weeks.  Priority Mail usually less than a week.  International shipments vary dramatically, based on the method of shipping and customs clearance times.  Please note that we have no control over shipping delays by the postal service, if time is an issue choose the more expedited shipping method.


Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Return requests must be made within 14 days of receipt of order and will be examined on a case by case basis.  Obviously we want you to be pleased with your order, which is why we've taken the extra time up front to be incredibly thorough in our listings with regards to condition via pictures and descriptions.  We feel that if you take the time to review this information there should be very little occasion for disappointment once you receive your order.  Of course we are only human and will occasionally make mistakes, if that be the case we'll happily make the situation right.

In all other matters returns will be accepted within 14 days of the items delivery.  The item must be in the same condition as delivered.  Items that were sealed may not be returned if they have been opened.  Return shipping costs will be your responsibility and delivery confirmation is required as proof of shipment and the ability to track.  In most circumstances all shipping costs are nonrefundable. If a returned item was initially shipped as part of a free shipping discount a $5 fee will be deducted from the total amount to be refunded to account for our initial shipping costs.