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About Us

Vinyl Eye

voluptuous: (adjective...full of delight or pleasure to the senses / given to or spent in enjoyment of luxury or pleasure of the senses.

We think the above definition accurately ticks all the boxes as to why so many people prefer vinyl records to any other form of physical or digital media.  There's not a more luxurious way to enjoy music in the comfort of your home than on vinyl; the warm sound, the artwork of an album cover, and the overall attention to detail in playing a record make the experience second to none.

Our Mission

At Voluptuous Vinyl our mission is simple; to offer you a place where you know you can consistently rely on purchasing used vinyl records that are accurately represented, shipped promptly/properly, all through a simple and easy process.


Why Choose Us?

We're collector's ourselves so we've had our fair share of poor experiences buying vinyl records online.  In fact with the up tick in interest and purchasing of vinyl we've seen the standard of the online buying experience decrease dramatically.  If you've purchased vinyl from someone off of any of the big online auction sites, music selling sites or even some of the big online retailers you've undoubtedly experienced one of the following.

  • Receiving an item that is not as described.
  • Damaged item due to poor packaging.
  • Long delays in shipping out an order.

Over half of the online vinyl purchases we've made over the last year have had at least one of those issues! So how do we excel in these matters?  

  • We provide you with high quality images of all our products, as well as images of any major issues, on top of that we try to fully describe these issues in writing that you may have even more information available so you know exactly what you are buying and aren't surprised when you get it.
  • Our standard packaging on records uses 2 - 3 stiffeners.  It's amazing how many sellers don't use stiffeners when mailing out records!  We've seen everything from bubble wrap, newspaper to nothing at all, and the result is always the same, damage to the cover and record that could have been prevented with a couple pieces of cardboard!  We also offer Whiplash mailers at an additional fee for orders equal to 1-5 single LP's.  This option is available on the cart page.
  • We've had sellers not ship our item out for two weeks simply because they FORGOT, then make us promises which they never followed through with!  We typically ship your order within 2 business days of it being placed (more often than not we actually ship within 1 business day).  If for any reason there is going to be a delay in shipping your order within that time frame our site will notify you prior to allowing you to complete the order so you're aware of it ahead of time.

What's currently on our website is only a minuscule fraction of what we have, and we will continuing adding to the site on a daily basis, so check back frequently and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page!  We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you soon!