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Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor (2017) 2 x Blu-ray, DVD

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Vault Message

After being forced into substitute teaching, Glenn Radars is the last person to be molding the minds of young mages. And his blasé attitude is driving student Sistine Fibel insane! While she’s eager to learn, he’s trying to sleep through class. Luckily, she has best friend Rumia Tingel to help her get a handle on her temper. That is, until she winds up challenging Glenn to a magic duel—and wins. It begs to question: how did this fool wind up at this prestigious academy?!

But Glenn is more than he leads on. When the school is attacked by the Researchers of Divine Wisdom, his true talent comes to light—as do a myriad of secrets the kingdom has been keeping! Caught in the middle of it all, Rumia and Sistine must put their faith in Glenn if they want to become capable mages and defend their school.

Includes all 12 episodes of Season 1.


Catalog #: CR-01920 2090872

Released: 2018

Length: 300 min

Rating: TV-MA

    Blu-ray/DVD - EX / NM

    Cover - EX (minor corner wear on slip cover.)