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2NE1 – Collection (2012) CD/2xDVD, Japanese Press

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Vault Message

Collection is the first Japanese album from K-pop group 2NE1.

The album was released in four versions: CD, CD/DVD, CD/2xDVD, and CD with a bad and towel; this is the CD with two DVD's.

      Style: K-pop

      CD/DVD: VG+ (fair amount of surface scuffs.)

      Packaging: NM

      Label: YGEX – AVCY-58036/B~CYGEX – AVCY 58036/B~C

      Country: Japan


      CD-1 Fire
      CD-2 Scream
      CD-3 Go Away
      CD-4 Follow Me
      CD-5 I Don't Care
      CD-6 I Am The Best
      CD-7 It Hurts
      CD-8 Clap Your Hands
      CD-9 Love Is Ouch
      CD-10 Ugly
      Bonus Track
      CD-11 She's So (Outta Control) (BFM Remix)
      CD-12 Like A Virgin
      DVD1-1 Scream
      DVD1-2 I Am The Best
      DVD1-3 Ugly
      DVD1-4 Hate You
      DVD1-5 Lonely
      DVD1-6 Go Away
      DVD2-1 Fire (Space)
      DVD2-2 Fire (Street)
      DVD2-3 I Don't Care
      DVD2-4 Follow Me
      DVD2-5 Clap Your Hands
      DVD2-6 It Hurts
      DVD2-7 Can't Nobody (Eng Ver)