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Anni B Sweet – Universo Por Estrenar (2021) Orange Vinyl, Spanish Press, SEALED

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Vault Message

Universo Por Estrenar is the fourth album from Spanish indie rock artist Anni B Sweet, this is her first album entirely in Spanish.

This is a 2021 reissue on orange vinyl.

Style: Indie Rock

Vinyl: Sealed

Cover: Mint

Label: Subterfuge Records – 210754SUB

Country: Spain


A1 Hormigas
A2 Sola Con La Luna
A3 ¿Qué Hago Aquí?
A4 Buen Viaje
A5 La Vida Está En Otra Parte
A6 Un Astronauta
B1 Ser Luz
B2 Juramento
B3 La Mente Hambrienta
B4 Astros
B5 Nova
B6 El Tiempo