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Jeon Somi – XOXO (2021) Korean Press

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Vault Message

XOXO is Jeon Somi's debut studio album, showcasing her exceptional versatility as an artist. Combining her Canadian, Dutch, and Korean backgrounds, the record is a unique mix of styles that is sure to impress international audiences.

This album was released in two editions: X and O, this is the X version.

    Style: ElectroK-popSynth-popPop Rap

    CD: NM

    Packaging: NM (includes only photobook and mini notebook.)

    Label: The Black Label – YP0101YG Plus Inc. – YP0101

    Country: South Korea


    1 Dumb Dumb 2:28
    2 XOXO 3:36
    3 Don't Let Me Go (Feat. GIRIBOY) 3:00
    4 Anymore 3:16
    5 Watermelon 3:01
    6 Birthday 3:04
    7 What You Waiting For 2:54
    8 어질어질 (Outta My Head) 3:09