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The Designated Victim (1971) Limited Edition Blu-ray, SEALED

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Vault Message

Stefano (Tomas Milian) wants to move to South America with is girlfriend (Katie Christine) but is married and his wife's name is on the shares of the company he wants to sell to finance his lifestyle change and obviously she's not going to let him sell.  

Things get interesting when on a weekend trip Stefano meets a man named Count Tiepelo who offers to get rid of his wife if Stefano takes care his (the Count's) brother.  Stefano thinks it's a joke but quickly finds out that's not the case when his wife turns up dead and he becomes the main suspect.

This is the limited edition red case version limited to 1500 copies.


Catalog #: MB0234

Released: 2021

Length: 100 min

Rating: Unrated

    Bluray - Mint (sealed)

    Cover - Mint