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Barbara Bouchet Film Series

Barbara Bouchet Nude

Born: Barbara Goutscher
Date of Birth: August 15, 1943
Country: Liberec, Czech Republic (formally part of Germany)
Active: 1964 - Present

From dancer, to model, to actress Barbara Bouchet was a force to be reckoned within Italian cult cinema during the 1970's, with indisputable beauty and intelligence. As one of our favorite international cult film actresses, we thought limiting ourselves to a few random reviews in our International Film blog simply wasn't good enough. We wanted to create a separate and more comprehensive collection of Barbara Bouchet material than has ever been seen on the net, from rare interviews, photos and magazine articles to reviews of films that even cult film fans have never heard of! Thus the Barbara Bouchet Film Series was born, so be prepared for the most comprehensive collection of Barbara Bouchet reviews anywhere!

Agent For H.A.R.M. (1966) August 1, 2016 08:00

Agent For H.A.R.M., likely known more for its featured appearance on the 90's cult TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000, where B-movies go to be mocked.  For Barbara Bouchet fans it's the first real chance to see the actress in a large co-starring role.  While it is an overly campy romp, it's a fun one none the less.