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Album Reviews

We not only sell vinyl, but we're collector's as well! This blog will feature some albums (mostly available on vinyl) that we own in our personal collections. A few things to note: We are not music critics nor do we wish to be. Our opinons are purely based on our tastes and ratings will not be techically based, but based on our overall opinon of the album. If you're looking for a lot of techical mumbo jumbo you won't find it here. Our goal is to introduce you to unique music from around the world and share our passion for searching it out. Our tastes are not overly mainstream, ocassionally we might review a mega popular artist but a lot of our tastes explore music that is outside American popular music.

Our goal is to post a new album or music related post every Monday!

Review: Fuz - Sugar Coated (2015) July 30, 2018 11:31

On the surface and by the looks of the cover you'd expect this to be some 80's style synth-pop or "popish" independent rock.  Likely never assuming a group of scrawny girls, who by all appearances look straight out of a European version of The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, would have much rock in them.