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Marisa Mell Contact Sheet - Fur Coats Photo Shoot

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$ 89.99

Original contact sheet for an Italian photo shoot with Austrian actress Marisa Mell with multiple interior and exterior shots of her wearing full length fur coats.  The interior shots feature her in a full length buttoned up fur coat, some with her standing others with her sitting on a couch.  The exterior shots feature her wearing a sleeveless unbuttoned fur coat standing outside on a balcony, some next to a bust, others with her sitting and resting her arm on a large plaster ball.  Estimated date is likely early 1970's.  

Contact sheets are quite rare as they were used as visual preview for the photographer to determine which photos they wanted to develop for print or publishing, so many of these photos have likely rarely ever been seen before! 

This contact sheet has 30 photos total.

Dimenson: 7 1/4" x 9 1/2"

Photographer / Developer: -

Condition: Good / Very Good - sixteen of the photos have "NO" scribbled over them, and six have  a blue dot on them.  This was not an uncommon practice for photographers to mark out ones they didn't like as these were typically used for internal purposes only.  The third photo in the first column has a surface tear in the middle.

For more information on the origin of these photographs please see the main Marisa Mell Photograph Collection page.

All pictures in the listing are original scans of the photos for sale. These photographs are original to the time period they were taken and not modern day reprints.  Please note your purchase is for the photographs alone there are no transferable rights regarding the use of the photographs. 

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