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Marisa Mell In The Park: Collection Of Five Amateur Photographer Black & White Photos ONE OF A KIND!

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$ 350.00

From the creative vision of an amateur photographer springs Marisa Mell In The Park: a rare, one-of-a-kind collection of five captivating black & white photos of Austrian actress Marisa Mell. These photographs offer insight into a more private, intimate moment—with each exhibiting a dreamy, artistic quality that only an amateur could bring. Enjoy a unique glimpse of Mell at her most vulnerable as you lose yourself in their timeless beauty.

Date: 1970's

Approximate Dimensions: 5" x 3 9/16" (varying sizes due to top boarder being trimmed a little on a couple.)

Condition: Very Good - minor corner wear, a couple have a small light crease in one corner section.

For more information on the origin of these photographs please see the main Marisa Mell Photograph Collection page.

All pictures in the listing are original scans of the photos for sale. These photographs are original to the time period they were taken and not modern day reprints.  Please note your purchase is for the photographs alone there are no transferable rights regarding the use of the photographs. 

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