Anno Domini 1573 (1975) - Italian 4F - 16th Century Torture

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Original film poster for 1975 Italian release of the Yogoslavian film Seljacka buna 1573, a historic drama recounting the great peasant revolt of 1573 in Slovenia and Croatia.

Released under the title Anno Domini 1573 in Italy, this 4 foglio Italian poster featuring some 16th century torture practices akin to a modern day electric chair.  

Italian 4F posters were usually displayed outside of the theaters as their large size made them a perfect attention grabber.  They were printed in two sections, each section is the size of an Italian 2F (Italy's typical one-sheet poster).  The bottom section overlaps the top section and many times theaters would glue them together.

Printed: Italy, 1975

Approximate Dimensions: 55" x 76.5"

Condition: Excellent - appears like it was never used both sections still separated.

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