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Dress Up: Marin ~ Deluxe Die Cut, Vinyl Sticker Set, Limited Edition Bonus Sticker!

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$ 14.99

Add some playful and quirky style to your sticker collection with Dress Up: Marin. This limited edition set features Marin in her various sexy outfits, perfect for any otaku or cosplayer. With her bold confidence and scatterbrained personality, Marin is sure to bring a smile to your face.

For a limited time we are offering a bonus "extra spicy" sticker, these are offered in very small quantities and will only be available for first buyers!

Stickers are printed on glossy, water / tear resistant vinyl paper. Size is in the 3" x 5" range, the 3" (width / length) varying based on the design, the 5" (height) being a little more consistent.

If you purchase stickers with any additional items we sell there will be no additional shipping charge.

If you purchase stickers by themselves please note how we ship to understand why are shipping charge is more than your typical sticker seller. Most sticker sellers ship in a regular thin envelope via stamped mail. This means zero protection for your order, no tracking, and a higher likely hood of being lost or damaged. We on the other hand ship our stickers in padded envelopes sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard for extra rigidness. This is shipped via a tracked service of your choice from the options provided at checkout, and your order is insured. So while it costs more than the standard sticker seller, it's better protected and less hassle for you to track your packaged and protect against issues.

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Please note we no longer ship to the following:
Germany - because of your LUCID packaging registration requirements
UK (including Ireland & Scotland) - because of your Brexit VAT registration requirements