Welcome to Voluptuous Vinyl! Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please feel free to browse our selection of vinyl records, cassettes, & laser-discs.  

We have over 30,000 LP's we still haven't listed.  We are also beginning to list a small selection of 45's, vintage international film posters, photographs and magazines, which we will extensively add to over time. 

Check a selection of recently added additions to our store below.  Make sure you check out everything we have to offer and check back regularly as we have much more to come!



We are working on transferring the site over to a new platform, our initial goal was to do it by the 18th to avoid paying more fees to our current platform, but that doesn't appear like it's going to be a viable option for us at this time as our new platform has so many more features that it's going to take us more time to get everything setup. So this version of the site will remain active for another few weeks to a month as we continue to work on transferring.  Any orders will still be fulfilled as normal and payment can be made via Paypal with credit card whether you have a Paypal account or not. 

This change will offer a much cleaner looking website, some very much needed simple features (like better internal searching, navigation, etc.) that we feel is missing from this site.  This is really not a move we wanted to make right now but growing dissatisfaction with our current platform over the last year and some other factors that they sprung on us recently have really forced us to reevaluate the value of what we're getting.  We do believe this change will not only be a better setup for us but also a more pleasant browsing experience for our customers.  Stay tuned.