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Jam Of The Week

Discover new music and artists or relive some classics with our Jam Of The Week.  Each week we'll feature a music video / song that we love in the footer.  Check back here each week for past entries and our brief blurb on why we dig it!


Michael Jackson - Beat It (1983)

Just Beat It! 

11/02/20 - 11/08/20

Laura Branigan - Gloria (1982)

Underrated pop singer of the 1980's who died way too young. 

10/14/20 - 11/01/20

Everglow - La Di Da (2020)

Quickly becoming one of my favorite K-pop groups.  Each Everglow song released is amazingly more catchy that the last, and they manage to make each one unique and fresh. 

10/03/20 - 10/13/20

Alexandra Stan - Noi 2 (2017)

In the world of Romanian pop music Alexandra Stan is the Scottie Pippen to INNA's Michael Jordan.  A very talented artist but often not given the credit and attention deserved.  She had a really big hit early on in her career with Mr. Saxobeat, but since then any other songs that were as wildly popular were duets with INNA.  Not really sure why she can't reach the same level of popularity as I'd argue her music is a little more consistent in terms of quality.

09/14/20 - 10/02/20

INNA - Read My Lips (2020)

Romanian stunner INNA keeps pumping out the singles, it's a catchy little tune and she's sizzling in the video as a sort of steampunk Cleopatra.  Not her best effort but I definitely don't hate it.

08/09/20 - 09/13/20

Kelly Rowland - COFFEE (2020)

I'll say something controversial, maybe, I really never understood the appeal of Beyoncé, when it came to Destiny's Child I always thought Kelly Rowland excelled in both the looks and the talent department.  Kelly sings, Beyoncé screams.  You want real R&B you're going to get it from Kelly Rowland.

07/06/20 - 08/08/20

Hwasa - Maria (2020)

Second single and title track off our favorite K-Pop "Queen" Hwasa's first solo album.  

05/18/20 - 05/25/20

Marie Laforet - Ivan Boris et Moi (1968)

Throwin' it back to 1968 with a performance by actress and Chanson singer Marie Laforet, a little French mixed with a little Russian.  Pay close attention and you'll see Serge Gainsbourg for a split second near the beginning.

05/3/20 - 05/17/20

INNA - Not My Baby (2020)

One of the latest singles from Romanian pop star INNA, this songs brings back more "old-school" INNA vibes.  I don't think her latest album, which was very Latin heavy, was very successful for her so it's nice to see her going back to a more club pop sound.  The video is average for an INNA video but for a slower tempo song it's alright.

04/26/20 - 05/02/20

(G)I-DLE -「LATATA」(2019)

Popular single off this K-pop group's first Korean mini-album back in 2018, this is the Japanese version which would be the title track on their first Japanese release.  The Japanese version is smoother and sexier than the Korean, both in terms of the video and the beat of the song itself.  I like the Japanese video better, but both versions of the song itself are good depending on your mood.

04/12/20 - 04/18/20

INNA - Cola Song (2014)

Classic INNA.  The closest thing we have to an INNA in the states maybe J.Lo, and sorry J.Lo it's no competition.  INNA makes me want to hop on a plane to Romania tonight.

03/29/20 - 04/04/20

Eminem - Godzilla (2020)

I'm not much of a hip hop fan, but I've always kept track of Eminem since the MTV days and him ragging on Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.  One thing I think that can be said about Slim Shady that can't be said about many other artists, especially in hip hop, is his music has gotten better and he's just as relevant in music as he ever was. 

03/22/20 - 03/28/20

Hands Off Gretel - I Want The World (2019)

I stumbled upon this band about a year ago and was immediately intrigued by the sound and style.  Based out of the UK, Hands Off Gretel is more a cleaner sounding style of grunge rock, meaning you can actually understand the lyrics.  Not being a grunge fan myself I like the line this band straddles which can appeal to a non grunge fan but still maintain a grunge sound.  The lead singer, Lauren Tate, looks and sounds like the result of a DNA mashup of Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love and somehow that just works.

03/15/20 - 03/21/20

MIREI - Lonely In Tokyo (2020)

Song off of MIREI's debut international album.  Don't know much about this girl, but the song is very catchy.

03/08/20 - 03/14/20

Cassie - Me & U (2006)

Some R&B throwback.  Cassie Ventura was likely Diddy's (Puff Daddy, P. Diddy) attempt at creating his own version of Aaliyah or Ashanti.  But the singer's sole album in 2006 seemed to be a flop and Puffy just starting dating her instead (a relationship that last about ten years.) She definitely has the "look", and is not without talent, but honestly nothing really makes her stand out from the typical female R&B music that was being produced around this time.  I'm seeing much more Christina Milian (nothing against her I'm actually a fan) and look what happen to her career.  Still a solid R&B style track.

03/01/20 - 03/07/20

Doja Cat - Say So (2020)

Catchy 70's disco style track off rapper and R&B singer Doja Cat's new album Hot Pink, known for her super sexy music videos.  

02/16/20 - 02/22/20

Tinashe - Save Room For Us (2020)

First single off the new album Songs For You, from R&B singer Tinashe.  I like Tinashe because her music reminds me of the heyday of contemporary R&B when artists like Aaliyah, Ginuwine and Janet Jackson were at the top of their game.  I used to be a HUGE R&B fan but lost interest in the genre because it became too commercialized.  That special sound those artists had is missing in today's R&B, but I see it in Tinashe's music.

02/09/20 - 02/15/20

Kerli - Savages (2019)

Lady Gaga meets Onuka with this dark ethereal synth-pop song from Estonian singer Kerli.

02/02/20 - 02/08/20

Alice Chater - Heartbreak Hotel (2018)

Heartbreak Hotel is the female response to The Jacksons 1980 song off their album Triumph.  While for the most part it's completely different lyrics, the chorus is definitely the same, and certainly had to have been inspiration for this song.  Chater is a relatively unknown pop singer until her recent feature in the Iggy Azalea single Lola, hopefully she'll get around to releasing an album soon.

12/29/19 - 01/04/20

Onuka - Zenit (2019)

Zenit is the latest single from Ukrainian pop artist Onuka, a very unique mixture of indie pop, electronic and folk that shows her continuing growth as an artist and her willingness to experiment within her own genre.

12/22/19 - 12/28/19

Christina Aguilera - These Are The Special Times (2000)

Christina Aguilera's My Kind Of Christmas seems to get lost in the endless sea of Christmas albums that almost everyone releases one of now a days.  If you're tired of the endless rehashed versions of standard songs and looking for some 90's pop nostalgia this album is highly underrated and sorely overdue for a vinyl release.

12/15/19 - 12/21/19


INNA - Nirvana (2017)

The title track off Romania stunner Inna's fifth album.  A much more low key track compared to much of her previous releases club pop songs, and features a taste of Latin that she would start experimenting with on the album and delve full on into in her sixth album Yo.  Great video with a very 80's synth feel and a killer hook. 

12/08/19 - 12/14/19


Mamaoo - Hip (2019)

First single off the veteran Kpop group's second full length album Reality In BlackHip is an extremely catchy mixture of swing, pop and hip hop.  The swing instrumental chorus is amazing and the little added coin drop sound effect is the cherry on top.  Video wise like most Kpop videos it's a visual dessert, the girls are stunning and the dance moves well choreographed.