Jam Of The Week

Discover new music and artists or relive some classics with our Jam Of The Week.  Each week we'll feature a music video / song that we love in the footer.  Check back here each week for past entries and our brief blurb on why we dig it!

12/29/19 - 01/04/20

Onuka - Zenit (2019)

Zenit is the latest single from Ukrainian pop artist Onuka, a very unique mixture of indie pop, electronic and folk that shows her continuing growth as an artist and her willingness to experiment within her own genre.

12/22/19 - 12/28/19

Christina Aguilera - These Are The Special Times (2000)

Christina Aguilera's My Kind Of Christmas seems to get lost in the endless sea of Christmas albums that almost everyone releases one of now a days.  If you're tired of the endless rehashed versions of standard songs and looking for some 90's pop nostalgia this album is highly underrated and sorely overdue for a vinyl release.

12/15/19 - 12/21/19


INNA - Nirvana (2017)

The title track off Romania stunner Inna's fifth album.  A much more low key track compared to much of her previous releases club pop songs, and features a taste of Latin that she would start experimenting with on the album and delve full on into in her sixth album Yo.  Great video with a very 80's synth feel and a killer hook. 

12/08/19 - 12/14/19


Mamaoo - Hip (2019)

First single off the veteran Kpop group's second full length album Reality In BlackHip is an extremely catchy mixture of swing, pop and hip hop.  The swing instrumental chorus is amazing and the little added coin drop sound effect is the cherry on top.  Video wise like most Kpop videos it's a visual desert, the girls are stunning and the dance moves well choreographed.