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Video Reviews

Below are the original unedited videos of the reviews posted on our YouTube channel that were edited and/or censored in someway to avoid YouTube's screwy restrictions that are never accurately or appropriately applied to everyone.  If you want to be shielded from what a mega corporation sporadically and loosely deems to be inappropriate, watch the edited versions on YouTube.

Check out our blog section for further written reviews.

11/05/22: Just as an update to all the new viewers.  The second video review we posted mainly just had to be edited into smaller clips to get around the ID claim, so aside from longer clips nothing in that was much different.

The Vampire Lovers did have some minor censoring, we'll get that up here at some point.  The main issue with that review (and unfortunately what will likely be the issue with future Hammer reviews) is the auto Content ID Claim.  We initially got a version that didn't get claimed, then it got claimed two days later.  This makes doing further Hammer reviews on YouTube less likely.  Because people seem to really like that review we will still try to do them on our website and post them on their own blog page so people can comment.  Those will written reviews at first, if people want video reviews (that will be exclusive to our site) then we will do a video review, that will be based on voting.  We will post a poll on our YouTube community page and if we get enough people who want it will do a video version.  So please subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified those.