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An Ideal Place To Kill (1971) Limited Edition Blu-ray, SEALED

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Two daring youths, Dick and Ingrid (portrayed by Ray Lovelock and Ornella Muti), plan to spend the summer in Italy. To support themselves, they peddle Scandinavian magazines and photos of Ingrid. But the police intervene, giving them just 24 hours to leave the country. Instead of departing, the two go on a road trip, encountering a lawless motorcycle gang and being mistaken for a couple of bank robbers.

In a hurry to outrun the law, they run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere and take shelter in Barbara Slater's (Irene Papas) home, an apparently bored middle-aged woman offering carnal distractions. The unsuspecting duo indulge in Barbara's amusements, only to discover a horrible, lethal secret. Directed by Umberto Lenzi of Cannibal Ferox fame, this sexy giallo thriller is a tense and suspenseful piece with a convoluted story and the classic "hippie" 1970s, Euro vibe

An Ideal Place To Kill is here available for the first time ever on Blu-ray, restored from the original negative, complete and uncut and with exclusive bonus features.

This is the limited edition red case version limited to 1000 copies.


Catalog #: MB0204

Released: 2020

Length: 98 min

Rating: Unrated

    Bluray - Sealed

    Cover - Mint