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Big Mama – For The People (2006) Korean Press

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Vault Message

For The People is the third album from Korean pop / R&B group Big Mama.

Style: Contemporary R&BK-pop


Packaging: VG+

Label: YG Entertainment – YDCD-759

Country: South Korea


1 언니
2 이별 그 후
3 Never Mind
4 축복
5 사랑, 날개를 달다
6 모두 용서한다 [짓밟힌 꽃송이를 위해]
7 Calling
8 기분좋은 날
9 바다로 간 어느 날
10 연 (捐)
11 사랑을 외치다
12 Get Out
13 Thanks to...