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The Devil's Nightmare (1971) - Italian 2F - Erika Blanc Holding Severed Head

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$ 99.99

Originally released in Belgium in 1971 under the title La plus longue nuit du diable, The Devil's Nightmare is a cult horror film starring the fiery redhead Erika Blanc as a succubus who one by one seduces a group of tourists with her beauty and charm only to transform into a devilish beast and feed on them! 

This is an original poster for the film's 1972 Italian release under the title La terrificante notte del demonio.  It features amazing artwork of Blanc in her succubus form holding the head of one of her victims.  In the background is a man dressed in black and a guillotine.

Printed: Italy, 1972

Approximate Dimensions: 39" x 55"

Condition: Good - there are a few small pieces missing on the top and bottom borders, along with some brown spots.  Some light fringing on the right edge border, and light staining in the middle right border.  Two holes in the middle cross fold sections (most noticeable via the backside picture), and a couple small cross fold holds.

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