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Dick Smart 2.007 (1967) - Italian 2F - Leggy Margaret Lee

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This classic Italian poster for the 1967 Euro-spy film Dick Smart 2.007 features stylish visuals of the iconic Margaret Lee in a moment of thrilling suspense. A ripoff of the James Bond series, the film follows the story of Lady Lister, played by Lee, and her mission to turn coal into diamonds using a controlled nuclear explosion. The poster's stunning art conveys the excitement of the scene, with Lee's long legs poised to pull the lever on the dynamite. Enjoy a luxurious classic with Dick Smart 2.007!

Printed: Italy, 1967

Approximate Dimensions: 39.25" x 55"

Condition: Good / Very Good - small hole at one of the cross-folds, long at the top down the middle fold line that was repaired on the back with acid free tape.