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Doctor At Sea (1956): Collection of 32 Photos Featuring Brigitte Bardot & Dirk Bogarde

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$ 325.00

Doctor At Sea was a British comedy originally released in the UK in 1955.  Starring Dirk Bogarde as a young Doctor who becomes a medical officer on the crew of an all male cargo ship.  On a stop in Rio he falls for a lovely French singer, played by sex kitten Brigitte Bardot who ends up tagging along with the crew.

This is a collection of 32 8"x10" original stills from the film's USA release in 1956 almost half of them prominently featuring the lovely Brigitte Bardot in one of her earlier roles.  

Date: USA, 1956

Approximate Dimensions: 8" x 10"

Condition: Very Good - many of the photos have cracks in the emulsion, which is the glossy top layer of the photo, but it's only noticeable at an angle under direct light and you cannot feel them.  Most of the photos featuring Bardot do not have this issue, or it's not very severe.

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