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F.B.I. Contro I Killers (1969) - Italian 2F - Sexy Noir Art

View More From: Annie Gorassini

$ 500.00

Original and very rare Italian 2 Fogli poster for the 1969 euro-crime noir film F.B.I. Contro I Killers.  We can find no information on this film, it doesn't appear to be even listed in IMDb. All the actors credited on the poster had relatively large film careers but we could not find this film listed in any of their credits on or around 1969.  So either the film was never released or it's so obscure nobody knows about it.  Whatever the case may be it's one of the best euro-crime posters we've seen.

Poster features a gun battle in the background with a majority of the poster taken up by a hot blonde in her lingerie, a cigarette in one hand and phone in the other, a pile of cash laying in front of her.

Printed: Italy, 1969

Approximate Dimensions: 39" x 55"

Condition: Very Good / Excellent - some minor wear along the edges.

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