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Listen To Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! (2012) 2xBD

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Vault Message

When Yuta Segawa's sister and her husband disappear after a plane crash, it's up to him to raise her daughter and two stepdaughters. Yuta's world is forever changed and, having just started college himself, caring for three girls whose ages range from an innocent 3 to a world-wise 14 won't make it any easier. At least he can count on help from his friends, though how much help they'll be is debatable. It will be an educational experience for everyone, and Yuta's nieces may not be the only ones screaming "Uncle" when this nuclear family undergoes a total meltdown in Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!

Includes all 13 episodes.


Catalog #: SFB-LMG100

Released: 2014

Length: 325 min

Rating: TV-14

    Blu-ray- NM

    Cover - EX