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Marisa Mell Collection of Five Photos From Cannes Film Festival

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$ 75.00

Five original photographs of Austrian actress Marisa Mell (of Danger Diabolik fame) attending France's Cannes Film Festival with then boyfriend, Italian mobster, Pier Luigi Torri, with a special appearance by Barbara Bouchet (the blonde directly behind Pier Torri) in the photo where they are walking down the stairs. 

It is our estimation that these photographs date back somewhere to the time period of 1969 which we are aware the two attended Cannes together.  Although, their tumultuous relationship did span a period from 1967-1971 and therefore could be anywhere in that time frame. 

Dimenson: 7 x 5"

Photographer / Developer: Maurice Gaulmin (4), Leo Mikine (1)

Condition: Overall condition is very good.  There is no major damage.  One photograph has some imprint of writing that can only be seen under a bright light, it was likely under a piece of paper someone was writing on.  The last photograph has a little brown surface stain in the bottom left hand corner which could possibly be removed with some photo safe cleaner. Aside from that only minor corner and edge storage wear.

For more information on the origin of these photographs please see the main Marisa Mell Photograph Collection page.

All pictures in the listing are original scans of the photos for sale. These photographs are original to the time period they were taken and not modern day reprints.  Please note your purchase is for the photographs alone there are no transferable rights regarding the use of the photographs. 

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