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Secrets & Mysteries: Films By Pedro Olea (1972-73) Blu-ray, Limited Edition, SEALED

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Experience the artistry of Pedro Olea with Secrets & Mysteries: Films By Pedro Olea. This limited edition set gives a rare glimpse into Spanish cinema. With a career spanning over 50 years, Olea's storytelling will captivate and intrigue audiences.

It's Not Good For A Man To Be Alone (1973)

Martin, a respected engineer at a shipbuilding company in Bilbao, maintains a quiet and reserved demeanor. His colleagues wonder about his wife, whom no one has ever met, and whose mysterious illness keeps her confined to their gloomy house overlooking the bay. But behind closed doors, Martin's relationship with his wife is anything but conventional. When a new woman moves into the neighborhood, she quickly uncovers Martin's secret and uses it to her advantage, leading to desperate measures on his part. This atmospheric psycho-thriller set in misty Bilbao was a box office success and is now a hidden gem of Spanish cinema, taking its title from a passage in the Bible.

The House Without Frontiers (1972)

Daniel, in his twenties, moves to Bilbao from his hometown in search of self-discovery. While job hunting, he frequents the city library and meets a seemingly kind elderly man who offers to help him find work. Soon, Daniel begins working for The House Without Frontiers and is assigned the task of locating a young woman named Anabel Campos (played by Geraldine Chaplin). However, Daniel's attempts to question the true nature of the organization are repeatedly hindered. As he falls in love with the elusive Anabel, he uncovers the disturbing and Kafkaesque reality of The House Without Frontiers. This film, set in the melancholic and morbid city of Bilbao, boasts standout performances by Chaplin and Tony Isbert, with a noteworthy appearance by Patty Shepard. This Blu-ray is the first release of the film and includes the rare English audio track.

This limited slip cover edition includes a 24 page booklet and 8 full color lobby cards.  Limited to 2,000 numbered copies.


Catalog #: MDO280

Released: 2023

Length: -

Rating: Unrated

    Bluray - Sealed

    Cover - Mint