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Special Silencers (1982) Blu-ray, Limited Edition, SEALED

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Special Silencers is a renowned addition to the Indonesian "cult film" genre. Packed with mind-boggling martial arts, gruesome special effects, a hint of black magic, and even an unsettling torture method involving smelly footwear. It's no wonder it generated a buzz in film collector circles. The film was never released in theaters outside of Indonesia and the only English version was on a VHS tape released in the Netherlands in the 1980s. However, it was cropped to 4:3 from its original widescreen format and had Dutch subtitles. But now, for the first time ever, the film is available in its intended aspect ratio.

Director Arizal, known for his high-energy films like The Stabilizer and Final Score, truly outdoes himself in Special Silencers with its jaw-dropping action and incredible stunt work. And let's not forget the dynamic duo of Eva Arnaz and Barry Prima, both Indonesian superstars who also happen to be skilled martial artists

This limited slip cover edition includes a 12 page booklet.  Limited to 1,500 numbered copies.


Catalog #: MDO289

Released: 2023

Length: 87 min

Rating: Unrated

    Bluray - Sealed

    Cover - Mint