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The Spy Who Loved Flowers (1966) - Italian 2F - Awesome Euro Spy Art

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$ 175.00

Released in 1966 in Italy under the title Le spie amano i fiori, The Spy Who Loved Flowers is a euro-spy film starring Roger Browne as secret agent Martin Stevens, in his second film adventure (the first being 1965's Superseven chiama Cairo).  This time around Stevens assigned to eliminate three individuals with knowledge of a device he recovered that has the ability to shut off the power of entire cities.

This is an original 1966 Italian 2F poster for this country of origin film.  Featuring amazing artwork of Roger Browne under fire with a hot damsel in distress tried up in the foreground and a helicopter coming for him in the background.

Printed: Italy, 1966

Approximate Dimensions: 39" x 55"

Condition: Very Good - for it's age the poster is in great shape, there is some light browning of the paper, minor pin holes in the corners, some tape on the top and bottom boarders that were likely put there when the poster was originally displayed.  Small to medium sized hole / rip at the bottom right hand corner, and small hole on the top middle border.

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