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Suspect (1970) - Italian 2F - Amazing Marisa Mell Art In Red Bikini

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$ 299.99

Originally released as Venusberg in West Germany in 1963, Suspect made its riveting Italian debut in 1970. Starring the captivating Marisa Mell, the little-known film binds the tale of seven women who accept an invitation from a beguiling doctor to his mountainous villa. This 2 fogli poster ranks among the rarest for the film's release and is among Marisa Mell's most remarkable artworks, depicting her seductively sprawled across a bed in a scarlet bikini, cigarette in hand and the figure of a mysterious man hovering above her. Despite the film being lost for decades and a brief, 2013 screening purportedly taking place somewhere in Europe, Suspect remains as enigmatic as ever.

Printed: Italy, 1970

Approximate Dimensions: 39" x 55"

Condition: Very Good - there is a piece of tape in each corner, small cross fold holes in the middle three sections, minor boarder tears, and the middle fold line on the bottom half of the poster was split but was nicely repaired and is unnoticeable accept by close inspection of the back.

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