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The Broken Mirror (1975) / Unquiet Death (1970) Blu-ray, Limited Edition, SEALED

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The Broken Mirror (1975)

Claude d’Anna's third feature film, Broken Mirror, follows Anne Lawrence's surreal journey to uncover her past. Anne, a restorer of rare paintings in Brussels, experiences strange occurrences after her widowed mother visits her. She is pursued by a mysterious car and a man with a gloved right hand stares at her from an abandoned house. Anne discovers a painting that she can't recall from where it came from, and is fascinated and scared at the same time. As she dives deeper into the mystery surrounding her and the painting, Anne finds herself in a nightmare of fear and violence. The Blu-ray edition is full of unreal images of terror and beauty.

Unquiet Death (1970)

Three sisters arrive from France to a remote island off the coast of Tunisia to visit their wealthy uncle. Apart from the uncle and his manservant, no other inhabitants reside here. When the uncle mysteriously dies, the girls are at the mercy of the servant. Initially cooperative, the servant refuses the girls' orders when news broadcasts of unrest on the mainland emerge. He imprisons them in the uncle's home and sets them strange tasks, challenging their sense of superiority. As their civilization begins to disintegrate, the girls resort to savagery. The servant disappears, leaving them to celebrate. But then he returns, his mood bitter. Made during the Paris May 68 "events", Unquiet Death is an avant-garde and daring film that captivates with its blend of captivating visuals and horror. Its resurgence after over 50 years is certainly noteworthy.

This limited red case edition includes a full color booklet with new essay on the films by Paul Geens; reversible cover sleeve each side highlighting one of the films.  Limited to 1,200 numbered copies.


Catalog #: MDO277

Released: 2023

Length: 104 min

Rating: Unrated

    Bluray - Sealed

    Cover - Mint