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The Fear (1966) Blu-ray, Limited Edition, SEALED

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Anna, a youthful student in Athens, travels to her family's sprawling homestead in the secluded Greek hinterland. Tensions simmering beneath the placid rural facade soon come to a head, with her parents in a loveless marriage and her half-brother Anestis increasingly menacing. Anna's only real confidante is the mute servant Hrysa, whom many locals call 'saintly' for her reported visions of the Virgin Mary in the farm's copses. As Hrysa goes missing, Anna suspects her half-brother and attempts to incriminate him, increasingly aware of her own peril. Out of confusion and dread, she accepts a marriage proposal from a villager - yet it's at the wedding ceremony, before all of the villagers, that the truth is divulged and the bone-chilling finale of the rustic psychological drama unfolds. 

The Fear stands as Kostas Manoussakis' capstone endeavor; having premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and seen success worldwide, sadly Manoussakis was unable to follow up with a further feature. Still regarded as a masterpiece and prominent example of the Greek New Wave, The Fear retains its enrapturing visuals and stirring, experimental score even to this day.

This limited red case edition includes a full color booklet, with new essay on the film by Jacques Spohr, and reversible cover sleeve art.  Limited to 1,200 numbered copies.


Catalog #: MDO275

Released: 2023

Length: 106min

Rating: Unrated

    Bluray - Sealed

    Cover - Mint