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The Witches Mountain (1973) Blu-ray, Limited Edition, SEALED

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The Witches Mountain is one of the most unique films of the 1970s Spanish horror boom, atmospheric, mystical and elusive.  For political reasons the film was banned in Spain and this is the film's first release in its original widescreen format and with Spanish and English audio.

Photo journalist Mario has just broken up with his girlfriend, Monica.  To get away from it all he accepts a job that will take him off to the distant and isolated mountains of Asturias in northern Spain.  On the way he meets a beautiful writer, Delia, played by horror legend Patty Shepard, who decides to travel with him.

The next day, while stopping to take some photos, Mario's jeep is stolen.  Setting off on foot they find the jeep abandoned near a deserted village high in the misty mountains.  The couple are offered accommodation in a nearby cottage.  From her, things get scary.  Mario disappears during the night and when he returns and develops the photos he took, he finds they contain images of strange, ghostly figures.

Gradually they come to realize that their host, the kindly older woman Santa, might well be part of an ancient cult of female witches who still inhabit the lonely mountain places.  Events accelerate from this point and soon, to his horror, Mario sees that Delia has been taken over by the cult and will be their next sacrificial victim.  He flees from the place, back to his house in the city.  But even there, as he discovers, he is not safe from the mountain witches.

This version was limited to 1,500 numbered copies.


Catalog #: MD0257

Released: 2023

Length: 86 min

Rating: Unrated

    Blu-ray - Sealed

    Cover - Mint