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Ultrasonic Deluxe Cleaning Package

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$ 1.25

When you buy any of our vinyl not in the Budget Vinyl Collection from Voluptuous Vinyl rest assured you're getting a record that's been cleaned by a process that some the pickiest audiophiles agree is the best way to clean a vinyl record... Ultrasonic!

Our typical cleaning time is 10 minutes (sometimes longer if a record looks really bad).  Unfortunately we don't have the time to clean the thousands we will be listing in our Budget Vinyl Collection.  For these records if you'd like your selections to go through one of the best cleanings around make sure to select the check box in your cart and a cleaning fee will be added for each album from the Budget Vinyl Collection.  We believe our fee to be extremely reasonable, considering the few sellers we've seen who offer this service charge $2.50+ per record.  

What you'll get:

  • 10 minute Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Our special album cover cleaning with our secret solution that cleans and disinfects. 
  • Clean inner paper sleeve
  • Clean 3mil outer poly sleeve (12" vinyl only)

About Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Ultrasonic cleaning beats out the Spin Clean, the VPI, and most other "high tech" cleaning systems that simply don't have the power or the capability of removing years (sometimes decades) worth of dirt and grime that can be caked within the grooves of a record.  

Ultrasonic cleaning uses the power of microscopic bubbles (or Cavitation).  At millions of times per second these bubbles are forming and imploding creating a tiny pressure wave deep into the grooves, dislodging and breaking up the dirt and other contaminates.

The typical cleaning frequency of most commercially sold units for record cleaning is 40khz (which references the size of the bubbles) our machine operates at 60khz with no degradation in performance power (in fact our machine operates at a higher wattage than the typical 40khz machine).  So what does this mean?  Essentially the higher the frequency the smaller the bubbles, and the smaller the bubbles (with the same to higher performance power) the better cleaning you'll receive.  

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Please note we no longer ship to the following:
Germany - because of your LUCID packaging registration requirements
UK (including Ireland & Scotland) - because of your Brexit VAT registration requirements