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Amuck (1972) Complete Set Of Italian Fotobustas - Barbara Bouchet & Rosalba Neri

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$ 250.00

Discover the thrills and romance of Amuck with this complete set of Italian fotobustas! Starring the sultry Barbara Bouchet and the gorgeous Rosalba Neri, this giallo (thriller) will leave you on the edge of your seat with all kinds of edge-of-your-seat crime-solving and a steamy love story between the two leading ladies. Get your heart pumping and your eyes wide with Amuck!

This is a complete set of original Italian fotobustas for the film's original 1972 Italian release under the title Alla ricerca del piacere.  Fotobustas printed in very limited quantities as they were used for mainly limited promotional purposes.

These will ship rolled and can only be shipped with other rolled items.

Printed: Italy, 1972

Approximate Dimensions: 19" x 26.5"

Condition: Very Good - A light vertical crease in the middle, a snipe pasted over the credits (this is due to most the of the fotobustas for this film being printed with the wrong title and date) some light scattered rippling throughout. The last fotobusta pictured has a few minor tears on the bottom, a few pinholes scattered in the corner sections, some minor corner wear and creases.  The very last picture is the original sleeve they came it from the studio, it is in good condition the top half is almost completely split from the bottom half, tattering along the edges.

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