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Anyone Can Play (1968) - Italian 4F - Virna Lisi, Ursula Andress, Claudine Auger & Marisa Mell

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$ 225.00

Satisfy your '60's Italian cult cinema-loving heart with this 4F Fogli original for the 1968 release Anyone Can Play! Ready to tickle your fancy and make your day? Featuring Ursula Andress (Dr. NoThe 10th Victim), Virna Lisi (How to Murder Your Wife), Marisa Mell (Danger Diabolik) and Cladine Auger (ThunderballA Bay of Blood, Escalation) as four deliciously daring Italian gals, it's the perfect pick if you're longin' for some star-studded ~cult classic~ action!

Italian 4F posters were usually displayed outside of the theaters as their large size made them a perfect attention grabber.  They were printed in two sections, each section is the size of an Italian 2F (Italy's typical one-sheet poster).  The bottom section overlaps the top section and many times theaters would glue them together.

Printed: Italy, 1968

Approximate Dimensions: 55" x 78"

Condition: Very Good / Excellent - poster appears to have never been used as the pieces are still separated and there are no pin holes.  The only major defect is their is some red ink bleeding on the bottom piece along the far right edge.

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