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Brigitte Lahaie : Les Films de Culte (Hardcover, SEALED) with Bonus DVDs!

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$ 165.00

Brigitte Lahaie: Les Films de Culte is an exclusive French hardcover coffee table book that was made possible through two separate crowdfunding campaigns.  While the text is in French, any fan of Lahaie will find this book jam packed with rare, never-before-seen images and a bonus DVD included inside with photos, trailers and interviews.  

Those who contributed to the crowdfunding of the book also received an exclusive two disc bonus DVD that buyers of the commercial release of the book could not obtain.  A sealed copy of that (with a loose replacement disc, as one of the DVD's in the two disc set is a duplicate of the one in the book) is included in this offering.  Along will a sealed copy of the Brigitte Lahaie film Ta Guele, Je T'aime!

The disc within the book and the crowdfunding exclusive 2-DVD set should both be region free.  The film Ta Guele, Je T'aime! is a commercial release and is PAL region coding.

Translated book synopsis:

It all started when two moviegoers, Cédric Grand Guillot and Guillaume Le Disez, fans of genre films, realized that no one has, so far, told the film exploits of Brigitte Lahaie. Brigitte Lahaie, the icon of the golden age of the French X, but whose career and aura, still intact today, can not be reduced to pornography. Indeed, she has appeared in more than a hundred films of all kinds, from horror to crime fiction, adventure and comedy. This is what is commonly referred to as "cinema bis", a popular cinema on the fringes of large productions, but which made the streets of the 1970s and 1980s feel good.

Assured of the support of Brigitte herself, co-author from the book, this one traces two crazy decades, where a timid young woman discovers the fascinating power of her body. She embraces the joyous and libertarian current which then blew on the erotic and pornographic production, affirming an absolute sexual freedom of which she will become the incarnation, before working with stars such as Christopher Lee, Alain Delon, Henri Verneuil, Helmut Berger, Roger Carel, Stéphane Audran, Aldo Maccione, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Pierre Richard, Max Pécas, Michel Galabru and many others ... Brigitte Lahaie, cult films invite the reader to embark on this journey through numerous interviews, testimonies, surprises and revelations, but also strong and often rare images, such as many unpublished original photos.

With the contributions of Francis Mischkind, producer and distributor, founder of Alpha France, Gérard Kikoïne, director and author of the recent Kikobook, René Chateau, producer and distributor, Burd Tranbaree, director, Fabrice du Welz, director, Richard Allan alias "Queue "concrete", comedian, Philippe Vandel, journalist, as well as many others. The book also welcomes the "visions" of the Brigitte Lahaie icon by graphic artists or artists such as Jean-Sebastien Rossbach or he Maestro Milo Manara.

Finally, a bonus DVD included in the book brings together trailers, excerpts, interviews and a documentary. If the images of Brigitte Lahaie have guided your awakening to sexuality and each of his filmed appearances inspires you a languorous voluptuousness, if you like the poetry of the films of Jean Rollin, whose Brigitte Lahaie was the muse, if you have a weakness for cool nanars with evil nurses, foolish Nazis, humor below the belt or cop-women with big caliber, welcome! The content of this book and its DVD is strictly forbidden for children under 16 years old.

Country - France

Published - December 21, 2016

Total Pages - 304

Dimensions - 10" x 1.3" x 11.2" 

Condition -  Brand New - Sealed

This book and DVD's contain nudity and is therefore not suitable for those under the age of 18.  

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