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All the LaserDiscs in this listing fall into the Comedy and Romantic Comedy Film genre.  Please note all photos of the covers are stock photos and not actual representations of the item for sale.  Also these discs have not been tested, only visually examined, but any titles that are widely known to have issues will be tested to verify their quality.  

Check back often as we will be adding new titles frequently!
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Current Titles:

  1. Addams Family, The (1991) [LV 32689-WS] LD: NM, Cover: VG+/EX
  2. American President, The (1995) [80176] LD: NM, Cover: NM
  3. Big Chill, The (1983) [VLD 2018] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  4. Chase, The (1994) [8603-85] LD: VG+/EX (light marks/sticker on label), Cover: VG+/EX
  5. City Slickers (1991) [75266] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) [LV 1890] LD: EX, Cover: NM
  7. Get Shorty (1995) [ML105493] LD: EX, Cover: EX
  8. Greedy (1994) [42063] LD: VG+ (light marks, sticker on label), Cover: VG+
  9. Jingle All the Way (1996) [0415285] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  10. Lover Come Back/Send Me No Flowers (1961) [42789] LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  11. Legal Eagles (1986) [41782] LD: EX, Cover: VG+/EX
  12. Look Who's Talking (1989) [70186] LD: EX, Cover: VG+/EX
  13. Monkey Business (1931) [40172] LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  14. Monkey Business (1952) [5140-80] LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  15. Mr. Destiny (1990) [1126 AS] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  16. Mr. Destiny (1990) [1126 AS] LD: EX, Cover: VG+
  17. My Cousin Vinny (1992) [1876-80] LD: NM, Cover: VG+/EX
  18. Oh, God! (1977) [1010] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  19. Pillow Talk (1959) [41300] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  20. Short Circuit 2 (1988) [ID6164TS] LD: EX, Cover: EX
  21. Something Wild (1986) [TVL0001] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  22. Stripes (1981) [VLD 5557] LD: VG+/EX, Cover: EX
  23. Three Men and a Little Lady (1990) [1139 AS] LD: NM, Cover: VG+/EX
  24. Used Cars (1978) [10836] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  25. When Harry Met Sally... (1989) [ID2712SU] LD: NM, Cover: NM
  26. While You Were Sleeping (1995) [5396 AS] LD: NM, Cover: VG+ (small tear on FC)

ATTENTION: This is a LaserDisc, not a Vinyl Record, and not a DVD!! You must have a LaserDisc player to watch this and that player must be able to play NTSC format discs.

LaserDisc Grading

We spot play test all used LaserDiscs (with the exception of our Budget titles) and will note any signs of laser rot we may find.  LD's that have never been opened we obviously cannot guarantee their state. 

We encourage you to view all the pictures and read our comments on the conditions, as we find these to be more beneficial than a standard grade. Occasionally we'll use a grade range (ie: VG / VG+) for either disc or cover if condition is borderline and hard to stick in one category.


LaserDisc - only given to sealed discs, or films we personally acquired new, opened them but never played. Of course since the disc is sealed we cannot guarantee there are no pressing flaws or minor warping, or Laser Rot, and since LaserDiscs are out of print, we cannot except returns or exchanges on sealed records that have been opened.

Cover - is still sealed.

Near Mint (NM):

LaserDisc - looks like new.

Cover - may have light typical storage wear, but overall looks new.

Excellent (EX):

LaserDisc - may have one or two light marks (not scratches) but should play with no issues.

Cover - has some very minor cosmetic issue, like a light crease, light ring wear, nothing that is very noticeable.

Very Good Plus (VG+):

LaserDisc - may have some scuffs and light surface marks / scratches, but should play with no issues.  

Cover - will have noticeable wear such as ring wear, seam splitting, writing on cover, creases, etc.  Could be a couple items (not all) and they should not be major.

Very Good (VG):

LaserDisc - may show a fair amout of surface wear but should play through without hanging up, may have light signs of laser rot (white speckling).

Cover - will have a couple cosmetic issues ring wear, seam splitting, writing on cover, creases, etc and it will be very pronounce.

Good (G):

LaserDisc - we will not list discs that aren't VG or better.

Cover - cover is damaged to a point where it is not usable to house a record. All the seams are split, the panels are moldy, major writing all over, etc.   The only time we'll list something with a cover in this shape is if it's rare or the disc is in great shape.

Orders ship within two business days.

Rest assured, unlike MANY sellers and even large companies, we know how to ship vinyl (and LaserDiscs) correctly! We used high quality mailers, two cardboard stiffners and if the album you are buying is used it is shipped outside the cover to prevent damage to the seams in transit. When it comes to shipping LaserDiscs we don't always ship outside the cover as in transit seam wear is not as common. If you want your discs shipped outside the cover feel free to note that at checkout in the message box.

Multiple discs = multiple records. Four 7" 45's = 1 LP

Special Note for 78's: Shellac records are much more fragile and require additional packaging, because of this each 78 will count as two records for shipping calculation purposes.

Domestic Shipping (USA):

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Customs Fees & Taxes:

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Australia & New Zealand

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Priority International: (1-2 Records $54.00) (3 Records $58.00)


Priority International: (1-2 Records $48.00) (3-4 Records $52.00)


First Class International: (1-2 Records $25.00) (3 Records $37.00)

Priority International: (1-2 Records $50.00) (3-4 Records $55.00)


Priority International: (1-2 Records $53.00) (3-4 Records $59.00)

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