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Budget LaserDisc - Star Trek (76 Titles)

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$ 8.00

NOTE: This item is part of our Budget LaserDisc Collection. The photos are stock and do not represent the condition of the actual item, LaserDisc are visually graded only and sold as is, no returns.

All the LaserDiscs in this listing are from the Star Trek franchise.  Please note all photos of the covers are stock photos and not actual representations of the item for sale.  Also these discs have not been tested, only visually examined, but any titles that are widely known to have issues will be tested to verify their quality.  

Check back often as we will be adding new titles frequently!

Use the drop down box above the "Add To Cart" button and scroll through the current selection of titles. Click on a title and a generic image of the front cover will appear along with the price.  Click "Add To Cart" to purchase.

Current Titles:

  1. Star Trek Next Generation #001/2: Encounter at Farpoint (1987) LD: NM, Cover: EX
  2. Star Trek Next Generation #003/4: Naked Now/Code Honor (1987) LD: NM, Cover: EX/NM
  3. Star Trek Next Generation #005/6: Haven/Where No One Has Gone Before LD: NM, Cover: EX/NM
  4. Star Trek Next Generation #007/8: Last Outpost/Lonely Among Us LD: NM, Cover: NM
  5. Star Trek Next Generation #009/10: Justice/The Battle LD: NM, Cover: EX
  6. Star Trek Next Generation #011/12: Hide & Q/Too Short A Season LD: NM, Cover: EX
  7. Star Trek Next Generation #013/14: Big Goodbye/Datalore LD: NM, Cover: NM
  8. Star Trek Next Generation #015/16: Angel One/11001001 LD: NM, Cover: NM
  9. Star Trek Next Generation #017/18: Home Soil/Bough Breaks LD: NM, Cover: NM
  10. Star Trek Next Generation #019/20: Coming Age/Heart Glory LD: NM, Cover: NM
  11. Star Trek Next Generation #021/22: The Arsenal Of Freedom/Skin Of Evil LD: NM, Cover: NM
  12. Star Trek Next Generation #023/24: Symbiosis/We'll Always Have Paris LD: NM, Cover: NM
  13. Star Trek Next Generation #025/26: Conspiracy/Neutral Zone LD: NM, Cover: NM
  14. Star Trek Next Generation #027/28: Child/Where Silence Has Lease LD: NM, Cover: EX
  15. Star Trek Next Generation #029/30: Elementary/Outrageous Okona LD: NM, Cover: EX
  16. Star Trek Next Generation #031/32: Schizoid Man/Loud As A Whisper (1989) LD: NM, Cover: EX
  17. Star Trek Next Generation #033/34: Unnatural/Matter of Honor (1989) LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  18. Star Trek Next Generation #035/36: The Measure of a Man/The Dauphin (1989) LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  19. Star Trek Next Generation #037/38: Contagion/The Royale LD: NM, Cover: EX
  20. Star Trek Next Generation #039/40: Time Squared/Icarus Factor LD: NM, Cover: EX
  21. Star Trek Next Generation #041/42: Pen Pals/Q Who? (1989) LD: NM, Cover: EX
  22. Star Trek Next Generation #049/50: Ensigns of Command/Evolution LD: NM, Cover: NM
  23. Star Trek Next Generation #051/52: Survivors/Who Watches LD: NM, Cover: NM
  24. Star Trek Next Generation #053/54: the Bonding/Booby Trap LD: NM, Cover: EX
  25. Star Trek Next Generation #055/56: the Enemy/The Price LD: NM, Cover: NM
  26. Star Trek Next Generation #057/58: Vengeance Factor/The Defector LD: NM, Cover: EX
  27. Star Trek Next Generation #059/60: the Hunted/The High Ground (1990) LD: EX, Cover: VG
  28. Star Trek Next Generation #061/62: Deja Q/Matter of Perspective LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  29. Star Trek Next Generation #063/64: Yesterday's Enterprise/The Offspring (1990) LD: NM, Cover: VG
  30. Star Trek Next Generation #065/66: Sins of the Father/Allegiance LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  31. Star Trek Next Generation #067/68: Captain's Holiday/Tin Man LD: NM, Cover: NM
  32. Star Trek Next Generation #069/70: Hollow Pursuits/The Most Toys LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  33. Star Trek Next Generation #071/72: Sarek/Menage A Troi LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  34. Star Trek Next Generation #073/74: Transfigurations/Best of Both Worlds #1 (1990) LD: NM, Cover: VG/VG+
  35. Star Trek Next Generation #081/82: Reunion/Future Imperfect LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  36. Star Trek Next Generation #083/84: Final Mission/The Loss LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  37. Star Trek Next Generation #085/86: Data's Day/The Wounded LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  38. Star Trek Next Generation #087/88: Devil's Due/Clues LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  39. Star Trek Next Generation #089/90: First Contact/Galaxy's Child LD: NM, Cover: NM
  40. Star Trek Next Generation #093/94: the Nth Degree/Q-pid LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  41. Star Trek Next Generation #095/96: the Drumhead/Half A Life LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  42. Star Trek Next Generation #097/98: the Host/The Mind's Eye LD: NM, Cover: EX
  43. Star Trek Next Generation #099/100: in Theory/Redemption #1 LD: NM, Cover: EX
  44. Star Trek Next Generation #101/102: Redemption #2/Darmok LD: NM, Cover: NM
  45. Star Trek Next Generation #103/104: Ensign Ro/Silicon Avatar LD: NM, Cover: NM
  46. Star Trek Next Generation #105/106: Disaster/The Game LD: NM, Cover: NM
  47. Star Trek Next Generation #107/108: Unification #1 & 2 LD: NM, Cover: NM
  48. Star Trek Next Generation #109/110: Matter of Time/New Ground LD: NM, Cover: NM
  49. Star Trek Next Generation #111/112: Hero Worship/Violations LD: NM, Cover: NM
  50. Star Trek Next Generation #113/114: Masterpiece Society/Conundrum LD: NM, Cover: VG+
  51. Star Trek Next Generation #115/116: Power Play/Ethics LD: NM, Cover: NM
  52. Star Trek Next Generation #117/118: the Outcast/Cause & Effect LD: NM, Cover: NM
  53. Star Trek Next Generation #119/120: the First Duty/Cost of Living LD: NM, Cover: VG+/EX
  54. Star Trek Next Generation #121/122: the Perfect Mate/Imaginary Friend LD: NM, Cover: EX
  55. Star Trek Next Generation #123/124: I, Borg/The Next Phase LD: NM, Cover: EX
  56. Star Trek Next Generation #125/126: the Inner Light/Time's Arrow #1 LD: NM, Cover: NM
  57. Star Trek Next Generation #127/128: Time's Arrow #2/Realm of Fear LD: NM, Cover: NM
  58. Star Trek Next Generation #129/130: Man of the People/Relics LD: NM, Cover: NM
  59. Star Trek Next Generation #131/132: Schisms/True Q LD: NM, Cover: NM
  60. Star Trek Next Generation #133/134: Rascals/A Fistful of Datas LD: NM, Cover: VG+/EX
  61. Star Trek Next Generation #135/136: the Quality of Life/Chain of Command #1 LD: NM, Cover: NM
  62. Star Trek Next Generation #137/138: Chain of Command #2/Ship in A Bottle LD: NM, Cover: EX
  63. Star Trek Next Generation #139/140: Aquiel/Face of the Enemy LD: NM, Cover: NM
  64. Star Trek Next Generation #141/142: Tapestry/Birthright #1 LD: NM, Cover: NM
  65. Star Trek Next Generation #143/144: Birthright #2/Starship Mine LD: NM, Cover: EX
  66. Star Trek Next Generation #145/146: Lessons/The Chase LD: NM, Cover: EX
  67. Star Trek Next Generation #147/148: Frame of Mind/Suspicions LD: NM, Cover: NM
  68. Star Trek Next Generation #149/150: Rightful Heir/Second Chances LD: NM, Cover: EX
  69. Star Trek Next Generation #151/152: Timescape/Descent #1 (1998) LD: NM, Cover: NM
  70. Star Trek Next Generation #153/154: Descent #2/Liaisons LD: NM, Cover: NM
  71. Star Trek Next Generation #155/156: Interface/Gambit #1 LD: NM, Cover: NM
  72. Star Trek Next Generation #157/158: Gambit #2/Phantasms LD: NM, Cover: EX
  73. Star Trek Next Generation #159/160: Dark Page/Attached LD: NM, Cover: EX
  74. Star Trek Next Generation #177/178: All Good Things #1 & 2 LD: NM, Cover: EX
  75. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) (Uncut) [LV 32301-WS] LD: NM, Cover: EX
  76. Star Trek VII: Generations (1994) [LV 32988-2WS] LD: NM, Cover: VG+


How our Budget Vinyl differs from our the rest of our vinyl:

The pictures are stock and do not reflect the condition of the actual item. 

The records are on many occasions are only visually graded. Please familiarize yourself with the grading scale located on the grading tab within any of the product listings, we strive to be conservative on visual grading.

These records are not Ultrasonically deep cleaned, if you want a 10 minute deep groove cleaning we do offer our deluxe cleaning service for a small per record fee, more details can be found on our Ultra Sonic Cleaning page.  The records you order will be quickly hand cleaned before they are packaged off to you but that will not clean out any grime deep in the grooves.

These records will not ship with new inner and outer sleeves (unless you choose our Ultra Sonic Cleaning add-on at checkout) and may or may not have an original inner sleeve.

Thus we are being very conservative when grading these, usually grading lower than they actually are. Occassionally we will note some glaring issues, but cannot write full descriptions on everything or every record so please refer to the grading scale below. If you are overly concerned about visual condition stick with EX and above and you should be happy. Occasionally we'll use a grade range (ie: VG / VG+) for either vinyl or cover if condition is borderline and hard to stick in one category.

NOTE: We do not grade or mention the condition of original printed inner sleeves (if the record has them).


Vinyl - only given to sealed records, or records we personally acquired new, opened them but never played. Of course since the record is sealed we cannot guarantee there are no pressing flaws or minor warping, and since all the sealed records we sell are out of print, we cannot except returns or exchanges on sealed records that have been opened.

Cover - is still sealed.

Near Mint (NM):

Vinyl - a unsealed record that looks nearly flawless.

Cover - may have light typical storage wear.

Excellent (EX):

Vinyl - may have one or two light scuff marks but should play just as well as a NM record.

Cover - has some very minor cosmetic issue, like a light crease, light ring wear, nothing that is very noticeable.

Very Good Plus (VG+):

Vinyl - will look played, may have some scuffs and light surface marks / scratches.  May have light surface noise such as pops, clicks and crackles but it should be occasional and not consistent and not overwhelming. May have light warping but it should not affect the play.

Cover - will have noticeable wear such as ring wear, minor seam splitting, writing on cover, creases, etc.  Could be a couple items (not all) and they should not be major.

Very Good (VG):

Vinyl - will look VERY played, have lot of marks, scuffs, scratches (possibly deep), play with noticeable maybe even consistent background noise but is still listenable.  May have warping but it should not affect play.

Cover - will have a couple cosmetic issues ring wear, seam splitting, writing on cover, creases, etc and it will be very pronounce.

Good (G):

Vinyl - will play but will have a lot of issues and have a lot of loud background noise.  We will rarely list a record in this condition.

Cover - cover is damaged to a point where it is not usable to house a record. All the seams are split, the panels are moldy, major writing all over, etc.  The only time we'll list a record with a cover in this shape is if it's rare or the record is in great shape.

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