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The Case Of The Bloody Iris (1972) - Italian Soggetto - Edwige Fenech

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$ 190.00

Originally released in Italy under the title Perché quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer?, The Case of the Bloody Iris is a staple in the Italian slasher thriller genre (Giallo).  Starring sex symbol Edwige Fenech as Jennifer Lansbury, a model who moves into a swanky apartment with her friend following the murder of the previous tenants, and the killer is still around looking to kill more!

This is an original soggetto for the film's Italian release and is extremely rare.  Soggetto's were printed and included with fotobustas and were printed in very limited quantities as they were used for mainly limited promotional purposes.

Printed: Italy, 1972

Approximate Dimensions: 37" x 25 3/4"

Condition: Good - There are tape stains on the top / bottom and right edges.  A horizontal tear above the fold line off the right edge that has been taped from the reverse.  Staple holes in the corners, minor fold line and edge wear.

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