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Don't Commit Impure Deeds (1981) - Spanish 1-Sheet - Italian Sex Comedy with Barbara Bouchet

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$ 189.00

Originally released in Italy in 1971 as Non commettere atti impuri (translated Don't commit impure deeds) this Italian language comedy stars Dado Crostarosa as Pino, a boy who has a crush on his religious next door neighbor but is constantly running into road blocks when it comes to her.  Meanwhile he's constantly trying to suppress his hormones around the overly flirtatious French foreign exchange student (Barbara Bouchet) who is shacking up with his father.

Non commettere atti impuri was for the most part solely an Italian release.  It eventually had a release in Spain in 1981 under the title No cometais actos impuros, the release this poster is for.  It's a very colorful and sexy image of a nude Barbara Bouchet sucking her thumb after a supposed "romp" with the character Pino.

Printed: Spain, 1981

Approximate Dimensions: 27 1/2" x 39 1/2"

Condition: Very Good - small pin holes in the boarder areas and a few scattered throughout the middle of the poster (which are more noticeable from the back image).  Please review all photos as well as our full sized image linked below to get the best idea of this posters condition.

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