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Don't Commit Impure Deeds (1971) Italian Fotobusta - Barbara Bouchet

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$ 50.00

Discover a rare and beautiful reminder of the 1971 Italian comedy-drama, Don't Commit Impure Deeds (Non commettere atti impuri) This original fotobusta poster features Barbara Bouchet as the young French strumpet. It tells the story of Pino and the roller coaster of emotions with his neighbor. A must-have for a comedy-drama collector!

Fotobustas printed in very limited quantities as they were used for mainly limited promotional purposes.  

This poster will ship rolled and can only be shipped with other rolled items.

Printed: Italy, 1971

Approximate Dimensions: 17 3/4" x 25 1/2"

Condition: Very Good - fold crease in the center, tape stains in each corner.

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