Heize – Happen (2021) Autographed, Promo, Korean Press

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Happen is the seventh mini album from K-pop artist Heize.

This is a promotional copy with written inscription and autograph by the artist on the front.

        Style: K-pop

        CD: NM

        Packaging: NM

        Label: P Nation – CMDC11640

        Country: South Korea


        1 Happen (해픈 우연) 3:13
        2 Like The First Time (처음처럼) (Feat.  Gary) 3:18
        3 Flu (감기) (Feat.  Changmo) 3:06
        4 Why 3:08
        5 The Walking Dead (미안해 널 사랑해) (Feat.  Kim Feel) 3:13
        6 From The Rain (빗물에게 들으니) (Feat.  Ahn Ye Eun) 2:44
        7 Hi, Hello (어쨌든 반가워) 4:08
        8 Destiny, It's Just A Tiny Dot. 1:51