Lady Frankenstein (1971) - Italian 4F - Rosalba Neri In Spooky Graveyard

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Original Italian 4 Fogli for the 1971 Italian release La figlia di Frankenstein or Lady Frankenstein.  The luscious Rosalba Neri plays Tania Frankenstein, the daughter of Dr. Frankenstein who is killed by his own monstrous creation.  Tania and his lab assistant, Marshall, continue his experiments, which entail finding a way to transplant Marshall's brain into a muscular body, but Frankenstein's monster turns his sights on them.

Italian 4F posters were usually displayed outside of the theaters as their large size made them a perfect attention grabber.  They were printed in two sections, each section is the size of an Italian 2F (Italy's typical one-sheet poster).  The bottom section overlaps the top section and many times theaters would glue them together.

Printed: Italy, 1971

Approximate Dimensions: 55" x 78"

Condition: Very Good - poster appears to have never been used as the pieces are still separated and there are no pin holes.  There are some scattered moth holes on the very bottom second panel from the left (where the skull with the mouth open is) and a few in the credit section at the very bottom. See pictures for more details.

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